Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 2 Angkor Balloon
We didn’t intend to take the Angkor Balloon. (As it’s not plan in our budget). But when we look at it, we are too excited to have a hot air balloon ride. In fact it’s not a real hot air balloon. The balloon is raised up by a “string” and stays static in the air. It’s not free flying in the air. It last for about 15 minutes which cost USD 15/ person but I find it to be a really good experience to see the Angkor Wat from the sky.

# Some stalls in Angkor area selling breakfast. As far as we understand the food on the site is not very clean and sell at quite high price. So we bought some biscuits and bread from the minimarket nearby our guest house last night. That's our simple breakfast.

# Group photo before riding the angkor balloon.

# View from the top

# Not too clear shot of Angkor Wat, but it's impressive enough~

# I wonder if this string is strong enough to hold the balloon and the weight of us...

# How about this metal hooke?

After all, it's a very good experience.

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