Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 3 Morning tour
Today we’ll be visiting the temples which are located outside from the main Angkor Wat area. We have not been having proper sleep since two days ago so today we purposely ask Raksmey to pick us up late.

1. Rolous Group

The ruins here are from the ancient capital of Hariharalaya, dating from the late 9th century and thus predating Angkor itself.

  • Bakong. A five-terraced pyramid in the mountain-temple style.

  • Lolei. An island temple constructed in a baray, now dry.

  • Preah Ko. The first temple to be built here, dating from the 9th century

# It's very hot, we were hiding under the shade. :-p

# Miniature Angkor Wat

# Miniature Preah Ko

# Actual size of Preah Ko

2. Beng Melea

80 km east of Siem Reap. Along with Ta Phrom and others, this is a temple which has been left to nature, but unlike Ta Phrom it has not been cleared at all. The result is the visitor clambering over ruined walls (exactly the sort of thing you are asked not to do at other ruins!) and through windows to get access to areas where nature is running riot. Lots of trees growing out of walls, and creepers hanging over ruined buildings, and consequently great for some atmospheric photos. Much of the standard walk is along wooden decking for those who don't want to clamber. This can be taken in as part of a trip to the Roluos Group, or a long day trip with Banteay Srei and Kbal Spean, though this will entail about 5 hours travelling in total on some very rough roads. There is a $5 entry fee to Beng Mealea, but a free guide is provided.

#On the way to the site of Beng Melea

# The site of Beng Melea

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