New opening of my English blog

To avoid confusion on my previous blog, I have created two new blogs. One for Mandarin at and this one for all my english posts. You may find these two has some things in common.

However, you are still welcome to visit my old blog at

I didn't know tat blogspot has become such advance now.

Well, today is mother's day and I wish all mothers Happy Mother's Day. And also to my mum. Mum, I miss you and Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Originally I want to post at your Chinese blog, but since it required me to register before posting, and I was so lazy to do it, so I will just leave a message here in your English blog (it looks like not as active as the Chinese blog, ha ha).

    Any new adventure for your life there in KL? Me here super boring in Batam. Huh, now really miss Malaysia, even though I just went back to Kuantan two weeks ago for 2 days, sound pity.

    Anyway, wish you the best.

  2. Thank you for supporting... I have just modified the privillage in my chinese blog that everyone can send comment to me.

    I will update more here... can't help much coz office can't blog.

  3. Hi! Such a nice blog you have! Please help to support by visiting me back ya!


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