The Garden Ding Tai Feng (鼎泰丰)

9 February 2009, Monday (Chap Goh Mei)

My boy friend said he met his old schoolmate back in hometown during Chinese New Year and his friend is currently working as chef in The Garden Ding Tai Feng. He said his friend told him if we go there makan he can treat us some dim sum. So we decided to go on this afternoon for Chap Goh Mei big meal.

It was about 3.30pm when we reached there. The place is quite crowded but my boy friend's friend managed to spot us from the place he work. It's a glass cubicle where he makes all the dim sum. :-p

Actually this is my second time here. So I let my boy friend to decide for the food. We thought his friend will probably just treat us one or two dim sum so we ordered a chicken chop fried rice and spicy dumpling.

After that only we found out his friend actually ordered 3 baskets of different dim sum to us. All are their signature dim sum: xiao long pao, crab meat & pork xiao long pao and shrimp & pork dumpling.

# The dim sum chef serving us with 3 baskets of dim sum... yummy...
# The one marked with chef hat is their signature dim sum

# This is chicken chop. I've tried the pork chop before. The pork chop taste better as it's more tender and juicy. The chicken chop is over covered with flour. However, the fried rice I find it to be too oily.

# Spicy dumpling. Since we have many baskets of dumpling. This turn out to be not too delicious. We should ve ordered the sizzling taofu though...

# The steam taufu with spinach. Another signature dish from Ding Tai Feng. Very delicious. :-) but quite expensive too...

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