Kai Ming's Birthday @ The Ship Damansara Uptown

It's Kai Ming's Birthday!

Kim Fung and I decided to celebrate for her @ The Ship. It's hard to gather our coursemates after graduation. So only 3 of us.

The two gals (Kai Ming and I) took LRT to arrive at Taman Bahagia station and wait for Kim Fung to pick us up. It was quite late already. And guess what, the little car stopped right in front of the LRT station coz the petrol finished...

# The driver and the Birthday gal, and the car...
We wait for rescuer and finally arrive The Ship about 8PM. We were real hungry...

# The interior, it's very busy during the dinner time

# Menu

# Starter, just enough for 3 persons
# The Chicken Chop

# The salmon fish fillet

# Birthday gal and her food

# Kim Fung tries to act cool...

# Me and the juicy Salmon fillet

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  1. Interesting, since when Kim Fung did a blue paint job on his kancil? :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Birthday Regards to Kai Ming!
    Why only a few of you all? Should be able to gather a larger crowd!

  4. Chen Boon: That was the question I asked when I see his car too. hehe.

    Desmond: Well, that's the only few people available. Waiting for your return though.. haha


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