Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meal Vouchers
Yes, finally the meal vouchers are here!

The first one is from Sushi King, RM30 voucher with 7 swipes of more than RM30 with HSBC credit cards. I’ve been waiting for this for long. It’s finally here and will be using it next Thursday for outing with friends. Yeah~

Then this one is from Let’s Travel magazine. I actually requested for Japanese Buffet coupons but they already given out those so they called me few weeks ago if ok I take the one from Renaissance Hotel for their high tea buffet. Of course I take the offer. In fact I’m waiting for it to arrive before Valentine’s day so that I can use it on the Valentine’s day itself. But too bad it arrived after that. Well, the voucher is not applicable on Valentine’s day. :-p
Well, I’m yet to decide when to dine for this one. But definitely will go with my loved one la… haha…

And finally is not yet arrive one is from MyFM. It’s RM150 Pizza Hut voucher! I called in for their “eating” program at about 4.30pm. They were talking about tomato and the question was: “What’s the nutrient inside the tomato that caused it to become red.” Surprisingly I know the answer!
So here goes all my vouchers! Will post up Pizza Hut one when it arrives.

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