Day 1 Afternoon Tour

1. Ta Phrom
Built during the time of king Jayavarman VII and is best known as the temple where trees have been left intertwined with the stonework, much as it was uncovered from the jungle. It might be considered in a state of disrepair but there is a strange beauty in the marvelous strangler fig trees which provide a stunning display of the embrace between nature and the human handiwork. This is one of the most popular temples after Angkor Wat and the Bayon because of the beautiful combinations of wood and stone. Black and white film photographers especially love this site because of this and most of the stunning postcard shots of Angkor's trees come from here; pop culture fans, on the other hand, may recognize a few scenes from Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider. While the temple is very popular, most visitors follow a central route and the sides of the complex can be surprisingly quiet. Note that large sections of the temple are unstable rubble and have been cordoned off, as they are in real danger of collapse.

# Walking towards the site of Ta Phrom, they are walking really fast. :-p

# Stones to be restored back to it's original position

#Twin trees on top of the temple

# Sites probihited from outsiders

# Apsara smiling in between the root of the tree. Many tourists try to find this but it's kind of hard to spot without a tour guide

# Isn't this look like a huge snake crawling?

# Tomb Rider, here we are!

# This tree is 400 years old

# The craving is vanishing...

2. Ta Keo

An incomplete, largely undecorated temple built by Jayavarman V. The stairs at the east side of the monument are least steep and the easiest way to reach the top level.

# The stair case is very steep.... huh...

# Throughout the trip I'm really please with the design of the temple, they are really amazing

3. Thommanon

# The unique lion statues

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