Day 2 Lunch and Dinner

Lunch at Mollopor Café

We came here because of it’s cashew nut milk shake. It’s not too sweet and taste as good as it’s recommended in the forum. We ordered “Amok” again. Amok is our must have dish for each of our meal, only certain time we excluded it. Basically all the Amok we had taste differently (probably cook with different ingredients) and this is the best Amok we tasted in Siam Reap. I personally prefer the one cook with fish instead of chicken and prefer it to be more watery. (But I think I have missed the photo of it...:-p )

In this restaurant we were asked if we would like to be served with their in house plain water. It was learnt that some tourists do not drink the water served by the restaurant due to the hygiene issue but nothing happen to us after drinking the water.

# The famous cashewnut milk shake

# The fried spring roll, don't know why my travel mates like to order this very much.

Another observation we had is that the people in Cambodia do not like to switch on the lights when it’s dark. The same thing happen in this restaurant as we find it too be quite dark. I think we have spoken too laud (though it’s in Mandarin) and they switched on the lights for us. It could be due to the expensive electricity charges I guess. :-p

Dinner at Temple Club and Apsara Dance

Watching Apsara Dance is another should not be missed activity in Cambodia. We are aware that there is an restaurant served buffet dinner come in the package of very good performance but we choose to come to Temple Club for the free Apsara Dance. It was quite late after we bathed (around 8.30pm when we arrive Temple Club) and the performance actually ends at 9.30pm on each night.

The Apsara dance is form of dance from Cambodia which shares some similarities with the classical dances of Thailand and Laos.

We did get to watch some of them and took picture with the dancers. The food in the Temple Club is good too!

# Spring roll again, but it's fresh spring roll. It has many vegetables inside and many of us don't really like it.

# The fried prawn with pineapple, taste really good.

# See, Amok lover... but this one isn't that good. It has too much onion in it.

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