My new gadget

Have been thinking long to get AF-S Nikkor 35mm F1.8G DX for my Nikon D3000. There is a very good review by Kenrockwell. The lense is the most affordable and good choice for beginner DSLR like Nikon D3000 which the body didn't come with motor.

Finally on one fine day my friend asked me to go shopping with her at Sungai Wang. Here I decided to grab this lense before my trip to Taiwan. Got it for RM790 with credit card payment. >.< I know this is an expensive hobby but just can't help... Sorry to my wallet...

Here comes the new toy.

Testing on the spot

More test when reach home

NT dollar to spend in Taiwan... exchange at Mid Valley with the rate of NT1000=RM105.70

Here I come to Taiwan, with my new gadget! I will definitely shoot many nice pics to share with everybody~

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