Viva Mall New Opening - Old town white coffee

Yeah~ the much anticipated Viva Mall located on Jalan Loke Yew is opening today! The Viva Mall was renovated from the abundant UE3.

Why am I so excited about it? It's because the mall is located less than 5 minutes walk from where I am staying now.

Aha, so we went to visit the mall right after we return from work. Arming with the free MBO vouchers printed from viva home's website, we arrived at MBO Viva Home before the dinner. Unfortunately we cannot redeem the ticket with the voucher. We should go to the service counter at LG to redeem the MBO ticket, not directly go to the MBO counter. We only found out this when the movie is about to start. So we decided we should go there next time.

Anyway, anyone of you who would like to visit Viva Home between 15 April 2011-20 June 2011 are welcome to print the voucher from

There are many restaurants in Viva Home, ie: Subway, Kenney Rodgers Roster, just to name a few. We finally sat down at Old Town White Coffee like most of the people did.

Here's the brand new menu.
My order of special nasi lemak by Old Town. It taste much better than the one we ate in LCCT.

Mr. Ong's plate of mee jawa. Very generous in serving the squid, worth the price~

And a must try Old town white coffee. I personally not a coffee lover but I enjoy it very much!

Since we have to cancel our movie plan, we headed to Giant. I am not sure if they really slashed the price to attract customers but I see many people buying many toilet paper. A price of RM24+ for 3 packets of Scott toilet paper. Worth? We will probably visit it again tomorrow to find out more. :-P

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