My first photobook

This time I bought a photobook coupon from It only costs RM49 for one 

 Imagewrap Hardcover Medium Landscape 11" x 8.5" on Premium Textured Paper (40pages) worth RM278 @ Photobookmart

Instantly I bought two coupons before the deal ended. One for my Beijing Trip back in 2010 and one for my recent Taiwan trip. I think it's really worth after the discounted price!

Soon after the deal closes I received email instruction from Photobookmart and downloaded the photobook design software. It's very easy to use, simply drag and drop type. Since the deal is for 40 pages photobook so I limited myself with the photos that can be added. Of course you can always add more pages with additional charges. They even allow for extension of expiry date with a small amount of fee.

I submitted the pdf files on last Monday and informed them that I will pick up both photobooks on my own. Their office is located at Jalan Yew, right next to Jalan Loke Yew and is easily access from my way back to my rented house nearby Viva Mall. 

I received a call from them this morning indicated that the photobooks are ready for pick up.

Here are the photobooks! Nicely printed.

This inside pages are printed on premium texture matte paper, the photo quality is good and exactly like the one I sent to them. The only thing that I want comment is the connection between two pages. I wish they have good connection and allow complete opening. I notice part of the images are cut off at the connection. Well, I can't complain much with the price paid.

I'm checking out more often at different discount website to see if I can grab similar deal again!
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  1. Good sharing,
    I wish I could grab the photobook discount some time later also, I also got quite some journey hope to be printed out to share with some elder relatives

  2. Hi Auleo, Thanks for dropping by. I bought another photobook deal @ RM54/book recently. Hope you grabbed that one too~


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