Tao-cuisine Sunway Giza All you can eat ala-cart buffet

My childhood friend (It has been 20 years!!), Jun initially suggested another Japanese Buffet restaurant for our after long private gathering but I wasn't keen on that due to some negative comment of the food. After googled on the internet, I found Tao-cuisine, which my friend in Penang has been mentioned it to me long time ago. It's finally in KL Sunway Giza. Googled again for the direction, not too difficult to go from PJ so here we are~  

We were served to this table, you may notice the interior is a bit dim but it's quite romantic. Many couples were there and we were the odd 'female couple'. Ops... :-p The downside of the dim environment is that it is hard to take a good pic. I only brought my D3000 with 35mm prime lense and I think this does help in the low light, though no flash is used.

The green ala-cart menu

All you can order menu

After we placed our order, we grabbed the food on the buffet bar. Although it's ala-cart buffet, some of the food are on the buffet bar.

Cold prawn, we didn't get this. Just because we are lazy to peel off the shell, ha!

Sushi bars

Cashewnut and sashimi, I don't know why they are placed together but both taste great!

Salad bar. For the first time I skip salad bar during buffet.

Cold starter. I love seaweed and jelly fish but this is not good, we are unable to finish the small portion that we took. ><

The fruit bar

I wish they would upgrade it to Baskin Robin...

Teriyaki/ tepayaki bar. It is good! I love the way they cook and the source they use when they fried the ingredients.


Our food from the bars

We have more from tepayaki bar but the waiter switches our order and we got this. There is another plate but we finished it before we realized we didn't take the pic.

Jun happily posted with the food.

That's all you can have?? No, no, you still have the ala-cart to be served! They served it one by one and is fresh from the kitchen. I really love this unagi don. Very juicy and delicious!

The fantastic abalone! Both of us love it!

My favorite of Temaki! Each of us ordered two. Yummy!

Cheese baked oyster. I think they only served based on how many person we have. We got two oysters. It's very delicious but we are too full to order another plate.

Cute and lovely Chawamushi, I wonder why they placed the lady's finger on top of it. Wasn't the authentic taste that I look for but it is still good. Jun bottomed it.

I'm just the fans of seafood so ordered mantis prawn. The taste is so so only but it's worth trying if you are fans of seafood. 

Grilled squid. Nicely grilled with the sources. I think I finished the two before Jun start to grab it.

We have more. Tempura

Eryaki mushroom yaki  

Baked scallop and takoyaki

There are many more on the menu that I wish to try but was too full to continue. So I shall keep it for next visit then.

Are these tantalizing you? They are having promotion for Father's Day, father gets 50% discount when you visit it on 19 June 2011.

How much does this cost? They have recently raised their price so I presumed the business must be good then?
Lunch (Monday to Friday): RM46++ per pax
Lunch (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday): RM62++ per pax
Dinner: RM62++ per pax

Where to find them?
TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine Sdn. Bhd.
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya.
A: 2nd floor, No.2, Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
 +6. 03. 6148. 2tao ( 826 ) 
F: +6. 03. 6148. 5tao ( 826 )

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