Thursday, October 2, 2008

Angkor Archeological Park

The highlight of our trip is the Angkor Archeological Park. We do want to visit as many temples as we can in the shortest time we have.

The temples can broadly be categorized into four groups:

• Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, the grandest temple of all and the ancient capital next to it
• Little Circuit (Le Petit Circuit), taking in major sites to the east of Angkor Thom
• Big Circuit (Le Grand Circuit), taking in major sites north and further out east
• Roluos group, 15 km east from Siem Reap along National Highway 6
• Outlying temples, located over 20 km for Angkor Wat

We started with the not so well known temple and moved to the outlying temples on the third day.

Before we enter the Angkor Archeological Park, we need to purchase a pass. It costs USD 20/ 1 day; USD 40/ 3 days and USD 60/ 7 days and can be used consecutively. If you buy a pass on the evening before the first day, you can enter the park after 5PM to view the sunset. We paid for the 3 days pass and have our photo printed on it, it takes about 5 minutes to get this thing done. There will be regular check at each entrance of the temple so make sure you carry the pass with you all the time. You even need the pass to go into a wash room!

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