Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 1 Lunch and dinner
Lunch at Khmer’s Family Restaurant

Our driver recommended this restaurant to us. It’s located in the Angkor area so the price of the food is slightly higher than those in the town. But Raksmey manage to get the discounted price for us.

We ordered four different dishes and shared together. We invited Raksmey to eat with us too.

The food was good but the service is very poor. We ordered the food and waited for almost 1 hour for the food to deliver. It’s 2pm in Siem Reap which is 3pm in Malaysia and we haven’t eat anything since early in the morning. We were so hungry!

# My drink, coconut shake. Taste like coconut milk.... yuck...

Finally the food arrived.

#Fried pork. I find it to be quite hard for my braces so just tried a little. But it tastes quite good too.

# Fried fish. This fish turns out to be quite weird. It’s fried without removing the fish scales. So our driver Raksmey helped us finished the fish.

#The “cannot missed” food: Amok chicken. It tastes really good.

Fried “Kangkong” without leaves.

Dinner at Chinese Restaurant

We requested Raksmey to drop us at “Bei Jing Jiao Zi Guan”. The food is sweet, as if they have put in extra large amount of Ajinomoto. We found the answer by the day we dine on the street.

# The fried rice, ordered by our Mr. Fried Rice... hehe...

# Sweet and sour chicken, can hardly see the chicken

# Fried dumpling. Don't know why my travelmate like the dumpling so mcuh...

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