Ho Kee Chicken Rice Ball ( 马六甲和记鸡饭粒)

Another food not to miss in Malacca is the chicken rice ball. After reading so many reviews I decided to go to this Ho Kee Chicken Rice Ball shop. Mainly because they serve really good chicken and tender rice ball. My boyfriend doesn't really like steam chicken but he finished it all too.

This is the first time we order asam fish (a type of nyonya food). I have not try any others but I think it is good. But quite pricy at RM 12 for this.
The chicken is smooth and tasty. It comes with the rice ball (about 7 of them for one person at the price of RM 5.50).

We also order two bowls of lotus root and peanut soup. Very delicious but it's like a bit too much for our lunch. :-p
Direction: It's on Jonker street, right next to the 三叔公土产店。

Another chicken rice ball shop is 中华, also near by there but I have never try it. How about A Famosa chicken rice ball shop? Well, it's totally not recommended from me. Although I have eaten it couple of times but until I found this shop, it's out from my list. :-)

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