Homemade steamboat

After my mum came and made the steamboat for us, it's my turn to make it.

We used the multi purpose electric pot to boil the soup. It's ajinomoto free, so what's to put to make the soup tasty? I just put some anchovy (ikan bilis), sweet corn (chop to pieces), half box of fresh white button mushroom and some gloves of garlic. Just let the soup boil while preparing the other ingredients.

What do I have to put into the soup?

vegetables: sawi, china long cabbage, siao pak choi, celery, sweet peas, tomatoes, korean enoki, tauhu, udon noodle, etc.

meat: fish (slices), prawn, squids, steamboat fish balls, etc.

Isn't it a lot for two persons? If you like you can have eggs and meehun/ noodles put into the soup too. This is very good to eat during raining day~ yummy~~

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