Seafood @ Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sg. Duyung, Malacca

Wau, it's my annual trip to Malacca coincident with my boy friend's industrial visit for his students.

Upon my arrival on Thursday night, we drove directly to this cheap and delicious ikan bakar paradise --- Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sg. Duyung~~

# This is how the stall look like. It was 9PM when we arrived but still a lot of people.
# See what they have... all fresh from the sea...
# The affordable price list.
# Fried sotong, very crispy and delicious~
# Pari bakar kosong, we love this very much, totally kosong yet tasty~~ Bakar with banana leave
# Fried Kupang, this big plate only cost RM5 (RM10/kg), really worth eating~~

# Kailan fried salty fish. Quite salty but ok at the price of RM4. Eat with the ikan bakar kosong is superb.
# Can't wait to start eating...
# We also ordered 5 otak-otak, but very full after all the food... and we shared a plate of rice.

Total we paid RM34 for this meal. Very satisfy with the food. :-)

We have been here last year but we still miss the road to here, we couldn't find the signboard to ujung pasir.

We ended up stop by at the tourist center near Taming Sari and ask for direction.

Aha, it's so near to the hotel my boy friend is staying but we didn't turn into the junction.

So where is this place?

As long as u find the signboard to Ujung Pasir, just drive straight, you will be passing the Portugis Settlemen and just continue driving. Few minutes later you will see a small river and just turn right after the bridge (small bridge). Just pay extra attention coz it's quite dark at night.

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