Pizza Hut

I've posted about meal vouchers and received my pizza hut vouchers. They are three RM50 vouchers where I spent the first RM50 at Pizza Hut in Giant Taman Connaught on April, 4th 2009. We thought it's easier to get here before our movie at Leisure Mall. But we've made the worst decision as the service is bad and the food sucks (We could have gone to Maluri one).

Many said Franchise's food should be all the same but definitely not for this Pizza Hut in Giant Taman Connaught.

Let you see the pizza.... We ordered extra cheese crust. It should be good but the pizza seems to be too raw. We looked around and saw other pizzas also the same. We presume this is their way of baking pizza... it's sucks...

How about the fried prawn, onion rings, etc? The fried prawn may look big but it's actually all covered with extra flour... We couldn't finish it.... yucks...Well, the chicken wings were ok but cold...
How about the lasagna? It should be my favorite but this one turn out to be just not right... again, sucks...
See Mr. Ong is not smiling when eating it....

So the second voucher we spent it in Mid Valley on May 30th, 2009 after tired of walking around. It was full when it's only 5PM. The waitress served us to a seat, right next to the salad bar.

Again we ordered cheese crust pizza, the pizza was superb with orange cheese. Due to the initial experience, we decided to take the salad and seafood spaghetti instead of the fried thingy...

All the food is nice in Pizza Hut Mid Valley.

And the last voucher went to my brother for him to take my mum to Pizza Hut Kuching for the first time when he flew back Kuching for his holiday...

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